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The Scrimshaw Studio
3402 N. Reed St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Tel 303-234-1946

A few special orders I have done are displayed below. Scroll down and click on any image for a larger picture and details.

Special orders must be discussed with me directly to determine exactly what you desire. Special orders require 50% of the price to begin. Special orders usually take 2 -3 weeks to complete. Some may take longer, or less, depending on the work required and the work ahead of it on my studio table.

I create custom one-of-a-kind art projects, pendants, bolo ties, necklaces, grips for writing pens, knives and guns, or just about anything you can imagine. I can work from your art or a photograph, or I can create the art for a project of your imagination. I often do animals, people, etc. I am only limited by your request.

For pistol grips, I ask that the original grips, along with the screws and washers that were on the grips be shipped to my studio for the hand carving of the ivory. In the case of the Marine Corps Mameluke sword, I ask that the brass handle along with the pomel eye screw and the two star screws be sent to my studio for the hand carving of the ivory.

I also do commissioned pieces in graphite, hand cut acrylic mosaics, and monofilament wall sculptures. Examples of these works can be seen on the Prints, Mosaics & Limited Originals web page.

Click here to email Jim.
Phone me at 303-234-1946

Sako Rifle
Custom Inlays

Beretta M92
Custom Pistol Grips

Stiletto Automatic
Knife With Graveyard

Scrimshaw Ivory Pen

Stiletto Automatic
Knife With Skulls

Libra Dragons

Orcinus Orca

Mandolin Peghead Mother-of-Pearl Inlay

Ruby Lighthouse
Custom Necklace

Designer Pendant
Collection #1

Captain Charlie Barr

Designer Pendant
Collection #2

CFB Custom
Bolo Tie

Custom Elk Teeth

Piano Money Clip

Frank Palmisano

Crucifix Custom
Bolo Tie

Custom Knife Grips

Yin-Yang Keychain

Compass Rose
Desk Inlays

Al Capone
Automatic Knife

Automatic Knife

Automatic Knife

Pinup Girl
Automatic Knife

Custom Faerie

Three Wise Monkeys

Antler Belt Buckle

Automatic Knife with
FTW And Skulls

1911 Pistol Grips with
District Court Design