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The Scrimshaw Studio
3402 N. Reed St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Tel 303-234-1946

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Collector's Art
   The Arbitrator
   Highland Light Cape Cod
   Maternal Instinct
   No Rest
   Open Ranges
   Peacock and the Tiger
   Pelican Roost
   River Challenge
   Winter Hunter

   Above the Pines
   Alaskan Hunter
   Chinese Zodiac (Year of the ...)
   Dalai Lama
   Dark Wing
   Guiding Star
   Ivory and Black Onyx
   Ivory Beads Necklace
   Jerusalem Cross
   Kanji Courage, Wisdom (scrimshaw and braille)
   Kanji Truth, Courage, Wisdom
   Largemouth Bass - bone handle knife
   Mule Deer - bone handle knife
   Reiki Pendant Set
   Ruby-eyed Jolly Roger
   Sailor's Widow Cross
   Silhouette Girl With Flower
   Silhouette Spanish Rose
   Snowy Owl
   Trinity Cross
   Trout - bone handle knife
   Widow's Cross

   Eagle Head
   Snake Attack

Horn Jewelry and Art
   Butterfly Necklace Black Buffalo and Blue Lapis
   Inlaid Buffalo Horn Drinking Cup and Spoon
   Santa Fe Powder Horn

Prints, Monofilament Art, and Mosaics
   Afghan Boy with Necklace - print
   Apache Tears - monofilament
   Biafra - print
   Casualties of War - print
   Dalai Lama - print
   Dalai Lama - mosaic
   Ghost Dancer - mosaic
   Mandela - mosaic
   Megghan - monofilament
   The Old Cheyenne - print
   Reflection - print
   Sundance, Etta & Butch - print
Tribbles - monofilament
   White Ghost - mosaic
   Wounded Innocence

Commissions/Special Orders
   Antler Buckle
   Automatic Knife With FTW and Skulls
   Beretta M92 Hand Carved Grips - Aces
   Beretta M92 Hand Carved Grips - Marine Corps
   Captain Charlie Barr
   Clere and Dawson
   Crucifix Bolo
   Colt 45 Scrimshaw Pistol Grips
   Colt, 1877 Hand Carved Grips
   Compass Rose Plaques
   Cris Fitz Band Bolo
   Designer Pendants #1
   Designer Pendants #2
   Desktop Inserts with Compass Rose
   Eagle Shield Knife Grips
   Elk Teeth Earrings
   Faerie Necklace
   "For The Win" Scrimshaw Knife Grips
   Frank Palmisano
   Hand Carved Knife Grips
   Ivory Pen Scrimshaw
   Kanji Necklace
   Libra Dragons
   Marine Corps Officer Mameluke Sword Grips
   Orca Necklace
   Orcinus Orca
   "Petroglyph" Knife Grip Color Scrimshaw
   Piano Money Clip
   Ruby Lighthouse Necklace
   Sako Rifle Ivory Inalys
   "Shaolin Fist Way" Kanji Pendant
   Stiletto Automatic Knife Al Capone
   Stiletto Automatic Knife Godfather
   Stiletto Automatic Knife With Graveyard
   Stiletto Automatic Knife Pinup Girl
   Stiletto Automatic Knife Scarface
   Stiletto Automatic Knife With Skulls
   Three Wise Monkeys w/Pink Ivory and Ebony Display Case
   Yin-Yang Key Chain


About The Artist

   List of Collector Cities/Countries Where Jim's Work Can Be Seen
Awards Won by the Artist

Media Stories/Coverage
   American Legion Auxiliary Magazine
   Anyone Can: Live A Happier Life (Book)
   The Art Career Project
   The Bead Society of Orange County
   Bear Chick's Journey
   Blinded Veterans Association
   Blissfully Domestic
   Check Advantage
   The Chronical News
   Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind
   The Deseret News
   Honorable Company of Horners Book Review
   Honorable Company of Horners Horn Book Magazine
   I Do Martial Arts News
   Infinite Editions
   Kennedy Center VSA Artist's Registry
   Denver Post Newspaper
   Infinite Editions
   Metropolitan State University of Denver (YouTube)
   The Pine Tree Shilling
   Roadside Imports (YouTube)
   Rocky Mountain News
   The Saturday Evening Post
   The Trinidad Times
   The Warriors Club
   YouTube Metropolitan State University
   YouTube Roadside Import Knives
   Work Goes Strong

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