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The Scrimshaw Studio
3402 N. Reed St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Tel 303-234-1946

Trinidad State Junior College
Southern Rockies Heritage School

Learn the Arts of Scrimshaw & Advanced Scrimshaw Techniques
One-on-One With Jim Stevens

This is a once a year opportunity!

July 16 – 20, 2018 (Scrimshaw)
July 23 – 27 (Advanced Scrimshw Techniques)

To join a workshop contact:
Donna Haddow
(TSJC class coordinator)
1-800-621-8752 ext. 5541

Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado offers an intense,
hands-on, one-week course in both Scrimshaw and Powder Horn Making
as part of its certificate and degree programs in the gunsmithing arts.

These are comprehensive, hands-on, one-week courses taught by
artist, sculptor and scrimshander Jim Stevens!

You do not need an interest in gunsmithing to take this course.

(A class implementing new scrimshaw skills.)

(A class at work preparing scrimshaw inlays.)

In 1978, Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC) and The National Rifle Association joined
to form the first NRA Regional Training Center. TSJC is now home to America’s premier
gunsmithing school. TSJC offers a series of short term, intensive courses in May,
June and July each year for those who have a limited time to pursue a
vocational interest or professional skill upgrading.

(Students receiving one-on-one instruction on scrimshaw techniques.)

Men and women, ranging in age from 18 to 70, have come from all over
the world to study under TSJC programs.

Many of the world's finest gunstocks, pistol grips, knife handles, and powder horns
are decorated with scrimshaw. The Scimshaw workshop will train participants to create
scrimshaw for use in gunstock inlay, grips for pistols and knives, powder horns,
or in the creation of fine jewelry or fine art on a variety of materials, including ancient
mammoth ivory. Ancient mammoth ivory (10,000 to 50,000 years old) is a
legal ivory worldwide.

(Applying lessons learned in basic class.)

(Advanced class member using power scrimshaw techniques.)

Special artistic ability or experience is not needed to succeed in these classes.
Skills learned will be applicable in either personal or professional pursuits.

(Students reviewing procedures before starting a scrimshaw project.)

The Advanced workshop will train participants to create both functional and
beautiful scrimshaw and inlay on a variety of materials including powder horns.

(Examples of collectible powder horns and horn cups with scrimshaw inlay and art.)

(Examples of inlaid & scrimshaw spoon and cup horn work,)

To attend, contact
Donna Haddow
(TSJC class coordinator)
1-800-621-8752 ext. 5541

Don't worry about where to stay while attending classes.

The school offers very low-cost dorm room housing for your time on campus. OR Stay off-campus in local motels within easy walking distance of the classrooms.
The class coordinator can help set up your housing, travel or other needs.

TSJC Gunsmithing School Home Page

Contact the department and ask to be notified when new class dates are set.